Teeth Bleaching


Teeth bleaching is one of the most popular procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry . 

It is a perfectly safe and low cost procedure, which contributes to the change of the color of the teeth, which significantly improves the aesthetic teeth result. On the external surface of the tooth which is called enamel day by day, a thin overhanging cover layer is formed: layer in which easily adhere discolorations , called external discolorations or stains. The most common reasons of the external discolorations are age, smoking, soft drinks, wine, tea and coffee, however, it is also likely they arise inside the tooth.

A white, gleaming smile is a synonym of youth, health and wellness. A gleaming smile improves our confidence and affects our professional success. For the reasons stated above, teeth bleaching,offers us the opportunity to restore the color of our teeth to the one we had as kids or even whiter and it also gives to all of us the charm of an astonishing smile.

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